Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Akdeniz Supermarket. The new products would show weekly or monthly accordingly to the new stock, and the products cost as it shows on this website obtained for each product unit, and the multi-buy offer including promotional prices.

The multi-buy special offer, from all our competitor, that recognized on www.akdenizsupermarket.co.uk On the Akdeniz supermarket website, the price may be updated weekly, monthly or when we have a new product on the shelves.

Also, Akdeniz Supermarket prices in-store display on the shelves and at the checkout, However, the price variation according to a different type of products.

The Akdeniz supermarket will save you money on the fruits and vegetable products and fresh meat, from our competitor find out about other supermarket comparison site; please visit www.akdenizsupermarket.co.uk You could check the prices of our products on the website in store or call the direct number our staff will be here to help.