About Us

Akdeniz Supermarkets are in London is your Source for Authentic, Delicious Mediterranean & European & World Foods. We have assembled an array of over 15000 products with a European & Mediterranean flavours. Many are specially imported from Eastern, Western Europe & Turkey.

In 1991 Sadik Aktas and Erdal Aktas have developed an interest in food and beverages to deliver great products to our shoppers. Over the past few years our brand is growing and now there are five branches and offer top quality Halal meat & Poultry on the butchery section. We offer an in-house bakery section, as we provide to our customer’s diverse selection of continental bakery products using the freshest ingredients.
We maintain a good reputation through buy a satisfactory food quality to targeted our ideal client, from our variation of fresh vegetable, meat, fresh fruit, you can make your night with our unforgettable range of beverages.

Our crew are here to assist you to make your experience enjoyable. Akdeniz Supermarkets take pride in offering every day excellent products in our charming locations in London. Our food-marts are known throughout London for exceptional customer service, great selection of leading brand name gourmet products with always competitive prices.
Our customers very much appreciate the authentic products from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and other European countries.